Is a group specialized in Bulk Commodity Trading (Clinker & Cement), Logistics, Fuel Supply, Mining & Minerals supply, Concrete Ready Mix production, Shipping & Waste Management.

Serving the Cement Industry has been the Core of Reliance, by engaging in International Trading in the Cement World, Supplying Raw Material & Solid Fuel (Coal and Petcoke) to the industry, offering Premium Logistics Services & port handling services through long term relationships with existing bulk terminals. Further strengthening our synergies, Reliance is a premium High Quality Ready Mix Concrete producer as well as a leading producer of Dolomite Aggregates and is investing in the Waste Management Sector to produce high quality Alternative Fuels & RDF for the Cement Industry.

Reliance is an aggressive business investor developing a track record of making successful investments in different fields and is establishing new business units to satisfy customers needs to and beyond the Cement Industry.

Founded in 1998, Reliance is headquartered in Cairo and has extensive operations throughout Egypt and has operations in Dubai and Singapore.


The Vision of Reliance is to become a Regional Leader in its line of business, by upholding customer satisfaction at all costs through continuous improvement, valuable synergies and ethical practices while at the same time giving back to the societies we work in


Reliance is an efficient, professional group of companies with a deep rooted tradition of excellence in management & ethical practices. By crafting valuable synergies, Reliance offers special & valuable experiences to its customers at best value and quality. Reliance builds on its long operations experience to offer invaluable services to heavy industries like the Cement Industry, in the fields of Logistics, Fuel Supply, Commodities & Ready Mix Concrete Solutions. Reliance has a mission to change how business is done for its stakeholders.

A Corporate Philosophy defines the underlying forces that drive any company forward. Reliance derives its name from customers reliability on it to obtain premium services for value. Our philosophy in business drives this. In Reliance, we take pride in our core beliefs & our efforts in continuously transforming the institution to be at the forefront of the market & to be unique. Our Philosophy can be defined in three core competencies that shape our culture, strategies and offered business value to our Stakeholders:


Synergy of our services is our prime core competency. Supply of bulk commodities is intricately linked to Logistics embodied in trucking & port services & maritime freight. By offering both, Reliance offer unique synergies to the Cement Industry both in supply of commodities like Clinker or in supply of solid Fuels such as Coal and Petcoke. Reliance owns and operates a large fleet of Silo Trucks for Bulk Cement transportation used in Ready Mix concrete production. Reliance is also a major Aggregate producer supported by extensive experience in Mining. Reliance Ready Mix is a premium stable concrete producer that is well integrated and well serviced within the group. At Reliance, synergy plays an integral role in making us the reliable partner that we are. By fusing the company’s collective powers, assets and capabilities, we are able to provide integrated, full-fledged solutions to our clients that set the standard in the market. This comprehensive approach to our offerings achieves cost-efficiency, savings on time and resources, and empowers our clients to focus on their own driving forces to success with utmost trust that we will deliver more than what they need.

Quality of Management

Inefficiencies bleed companies, society & stakeholders. We in Reliance manage by systems to continuously maximize efficiencies thereby deliver services for value. Quality of Management drives our management teams to continuously improve on our performance, costs & fulfillment of customer requirement. Through Quality Management Systems & tailored developed computerized systems, Reliance maximizes returns & service quality.


In Reliance we create a workplace that promotes health and safety of our employees and stakeholders. To succeed, senior management is committed and engaged in various programs to promote awareness at all times as we believe that it is a top priority to our business continuity and provides value to the business by boosting productivity and improving the wellbeing of our employees. At Reliance safety comes first at all times.


We are committed to high standards of corporate governance, accountability and responsibility. We believe that high standards of governance are essential to our objective of maximizing return to shareholders.


The directors are collectively responsible for the success of Reliance Investments Corporation, and are accountable to shareholders for the performance of the business.


The board's role is to oversee the company with good governance and strategic direction. In accordance with best practice, the board comprises a mix of executives and non executives. This provides a balance of innovative thinking with business knowledge and experience. Directors' interests in the company are fully disclosed in our Annual report.

Board committees

We have four board committees, each of which plays a vital role in ensuring that high standards of corporate governance are maintained throughout Reliance. They are the Audit committee, Remuneration committee, Nominations committee and the Governance & Investments committee.


Code of business conduct


For Reliance Investments Corporation, courage, integrity, responsibility and respect for others are essential values. They are the cornerstones of the Group's management policy. Establishing a climate of confidence The Code of Business Conduct extends from the Principles of Action. The purpose of the Code is to establish certain rules of good conduct: for all the Group employees, for the representatives, corporate officers, consultants and other external service providers of the Group or various entities. Each employee must respect this code. For access to The Code of Business Conduct's 6 Basic Rules, please click here

The competition rules

The Group has always been committed to preserving healthy, vigorous and fair competition and complying with the respective competition legislation. That's why the competition compliance program is part of the Group's Code of Business Conduct. For access to a Summary of the Essential Rules of Competition Law, please. click here

Employees As Investors

We realize that our employees are the core of our success. They are investors in our organizations and they freely choose to share their expertise and skills with us. Each employee has a built-in return on investment meter that is constantly sampling the atmosphere.

Leadership through Excellence in management.

Here at Reliance, all members of our staff have extensive experience and broad competence, and take great individual responsibility to ensure that Reliance lives up to and surpass the demands our customers put on us.

In that sense, we strive to train them, invest in them and create the optimal work environment for them to keep shining the light that fuels this success.

Mobilizing the full talents and energies of our people to realize our global ambition in each local market. Taking the initiative locally with a global mindset, encouraging and enabling people throughout the Group to share experience, to focus on adapting best practices to local conditions and to innovate further.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Reliance, we strongly believe in the corporate social responsibilities we hold. It is our duty to give back to the community that allows us to thrive, and investing in our society is an integral part of what we do. Ever since the company’s foundation, Reliance has continuously held community support functions. We participate in projects that enhance our country and see to its development, and the activities we take part in are diverse.

Our social responsibility efforts focus to impact our own industries. By being creative and utilizing our resources smartly, we aim to better the quality of life of those who are impacted by our work. Building on our own knowledge and expertise, we bring forth this knowledge and use it to achieve betterment in our communities.